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Local Taxis telephone Numbers,
When in the Algarve, you need a taxi to go shopping, to the beach, to the restaurant or any here, locally, we recommend to phone to local taxi.
Normally, they are fast to arrive and they can collect your family any here. When you are in Portugal, you don't need to use the country code.

Algarve CoopTaxis:

West: +351 282 457 637

East:    +351 289 895 799

Taxis Portugal

There is two types of taxis in Portugal, the local taxis and Tourism taxis (Tourism cars). The local taxis, provide a city service from a taxi rank, they are identified by their colour and by the display on the top of the taxi. These taxis have two colours, light yellow or black with a green roof. These last ones have the old and traditional Portuguese taxi colour. The Taxi driver can choose between these two options, the colour for their taxis. They can drive up to 8 persons, but normally, these taxis only take 4 persons. They use a taximeter to calculate the cost of the journey, according to the distance, the number of persons, the time of the day and the day of the week. Between 21pm and 6am and at the weekends they charge around more 30%.

The Tourism taxis or Tourism cars, was created in 1991, by the Portuguese government. The mission of this taxis, was to provide a qualified service to the all Portugal visitors. They provide a excellent and responsible service. These taxis can have any colour, and they are only identified by the white "T" symbol, on a green backgoround circle , at the front and on the back of the car. They don't have a taximeter, but you can ask them how much is the fair before the journey starts. Normally they charge more or less the same as the local taxis with taximeter. These cars can not collect people on the taxi ranks, but they can be called to your place or Hotel. Your hotel reception, can call a taxi for you. All the Tourism taxi drivers speak very good English. Both taxis can be used for airport transfers.

Taximeter price simulator, taxis at Faro Airport - The form below, calculates the price, using a Taxi with Taximeter and it's only informative.
(Tariffe 3 used when you get the taxi outside Faro airport)

Mortorway tools are not inclued in this simulation.

Enter Km here Km

Taxi size:

Phone Call(If you call a taxi to your place)

Cost for your journey:

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IMPORTANT - Please note that, the price displayed is only a estimative by Km. Can not be compared to the reality.
The final cost on the taxis is dependent relative to traffic jams or routes chosen by the taxi driver and other factors that can not be calculate here.

For the main resorts in the Algarve, please check our Prices, They are cheaper then going by taximeter.