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Located mainly in the northern part of the property, the Alvor route takes on a park character in which the game takes place through corridors lined with pine trees.

Elevation changes were essential to the design of these nine, as most golf holes go uphill or down valleys. The park area disappears momentarily and the area of ??mature trees is replaced by a series of holes that are more exposed. Instant preview of the holes in the dunes is provided on the sixth and seventh holes.

The round ends, with a hole that rises again in the park scenery.


The Lagos lap starts with the same park character as the previous lap.

This round includes the only two lakes on the entire golf course, the short par 3 on the third hole and par 5 on the sixth hole of the round. In the seventh and eighth hole players will immerse themselves in the expansive dunes in the southwest of the property.

The route ends up going towards the Clubhouse and makes the transition back again in a park environment.


The third round of 9 holes in Palmares presents the golf experience that all great architects dream of having the privilege of creating: a link by the sea exposed to natural elements.

The four holes by the sea are marked by the beach and the railway line. The trail starts down from a park-like area. Suddenly, the second hole takes players to a true coastal dune zone. This dune scene is carried across the rest of the golf course with the closing hole, a par 5 on a steep climb, rising back out of the dunes through a deep valley to an amphitheater just below the Clubhouse.